Bing Ads Mobile Solutions

According to Bing Ads, nearly two thirds of people in the United States have a smartphone, and these consumers are using their devices to search. Furthermore, over 30 percent of searches that take place in the Yahoo Bing Network are from smartphones, and is projected that by 2017 more searches will come from smartphones than laptops or PC’s.

Bing Mobile Ad Statistics

As the Millennial generation is beginning to earn more money, and technology continues to improves, these customers are looking to do research, find products and services, and purchase products and services all on the move. As such, mobile devices are quickly becoming one of the best ways for advertisers to reach customers quickly and effectively.

Here are some Bing Mobile Ad statistics:

  • 40% of search queries originate from mobile devices
  • 70% of Bing Ads mobile queries are from iOS platforms
  • 70% of mobile conversions happen within five hours of a mobile search
  • Bing Mobile Ads grew 177 percent year over year
  • By 2017 mobile devices with surpass searches from PCs & laptops
  • Call extensions generate an average of 10-15 percent more clicks on mobile
  • Location Extensions ad a CTR of up to 15 percent
  • Sitelink Extensions increase CTR by 10 to 15 percent

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