Five Commonly Missed Google AdWords Features

Google AdWords Lesson

When managing a Google AdWords account, it is important to continuously monitor budget, bids, settings, and goals throughout the week, and month. Unfortunately, many AdWords users may neglect these areas; thus, may be losing clicks and conversions as a result. The following includes five commonly missed Google AdWords features:

1.)   Ad Rotation

In Google AdWords, the default setting for ad rotation is based on clicks. This means that Google will automatically display the ads that are clicked on the most. However, once you have collected a good amount of conversion data, it may be wise to change the ad rotation to optimize for conversions, as this will increase your chance of producing even more conversions. This can be done through advanced settings, and ad delivery at the campaign level in order to apply this feature to all ad groups.

2.)   Advertising Goals

While it is great to track conversions relating to revenue, obviously, it is also important to track other types of conversions. These conversions may include:

  • Downloads
  • Leads
  • Phone Calls
  • Sign-Ups
  • Social Engagement
  • Website Interactions

3.)   Budgets

Often times, we will go through the day and month without using our entire budget. This means we may be missing out on many conversions. On the other hand, if you are reaching your budget, and achieving the most desirable results, it may be time to increase your budget further, and a higher budget will likely lead to more conversions.

4.)   Mobile

Many mobile features are often forgotten when it comes to Google AdWords. For some businesses, this may be a good thing, in others; this could have a tremendous negative impact on business. Google AdWords has features that allow us to increase bids specifically for mobile ads. By doing this, you have a better chance of your ads showing to an audience that you may not have thought was there, you’re welcome.

5.)   Negative Keywords

At the bottom of your keywords list, there is an area for negative keywords. Often times, we may forget this feature exists; therefore it may have a negative effect on our campaign. We should be mindful to add keywords that we may not want to trigger our ads, as we may get the clicks, but the visitors may be unfavorable and result in a higher bounce rate and lower time on-site.

After reviewing these five features, you may just notice they did have an impact on your campaign. By making a few simple changes here, you can have your campaign off and running in no time.

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