How Can SEO Help My Small Business?

Not only does small business SEO serve as a traffic driving tool, it also play a crucial role in building brand awareness for all businesses regardless their size. Social media interaction and new link building strategies have remarkably changed the way we implement and use search engine optimization in marketing campaigns.

Effective Ways To Use SEO

There are a dozen ways that SEO is effective for business owners from creating content, building links, and tracking the results. Since we now know that SEO is an amazingly important brand awareness tool, let’s discuss some of the ways we can use it effectively.

Some effective ways to use SEO include:

Create a Google Places Page

A Google Places page is very important if you are a local business. The page serves as a placeholder for your local small business in Google search engine. Your page should ideally include your physical address, business hours and website. This will enable you to interact with customers using the “reviews” tab on the page.

Register Your Website for Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools are embedded into search engine analytic programs for Bing and Google. They enable you to update search engine with content on your website as well as web activity. You can also configure the tool to constantly check for craw errors on your website. In overall, it will make your website more search engine friendly and enable you to detect errors that may impede your search engine rankings.

Manage Google Analytics Effectively

The first and foremost step to using and understanding analytics data is to register your website for Google Analytics. This feature allows you to keep track on just about everything related your online presence. It will include anything that ranges from podcasts to blogging and social media content. You can also segment and filter data based on your individual needs, and only capture those results you to exhibit.

Create Quality Content

As you create your content, you’ll quickly discover that every component of your content really matters. Certain elements like the structuring of your messaging to your keywords, all affect the way your pages are ranked on search engines. Your content needs to read and understood easily by search engines. One of the best ways to going about this is to keep your content captivating, informative, simple and concise.

Leverage on Social Media

The importance of social media isn’t only about gaining visibility to different users….with that also being true, but social media is also important for search engine rankings. Create a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ page for your online business, and place links that will point back to your website. This will increase your brand visibility and traffic. Keep in mind that when you make posts, they should be informative and helpful else your audience won’t see you as authoritative in your niche.

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