August 6, 2016

Facebook Ads Management

In March 2013, Facebook would report having 1.11 billion monthly users globally, and around 168.8 million users in the United States alone. As marketers, or local business owners, it is easy to see the tremendous benefits associated with running a Facebook marketing campaign.

We at Great White SEM have a thorough knowledge in social media marketing, and possess a particular set of resources and tools to help both local and global businesses succeed. Based in Clermont, Florida our team serves business owners across the entire United States and beyond.

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Facebook Overview

Founded on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook would rapidly develop into the largest social network in the entire world. In the beginning, Facebook would only allow personal profiles; however, as it continued to grow, it would soon offer pages to businesses both large and small.

By December 2011, Nielsen Media Research reported that Facebook was the second most accessed website in the entire United States, behind only Google. Finally on February 1, 2012 Facebook filed for initial public offering where it was valued at $104 billion.  As of January 2014, its market capitalization rose over $134 billon.

Facebook Ads for Clermont Business Owners

Facebook ads allow for businesses to create ads and market to a specific type of audience. In fact, if you are in that specific audience, Facebook will display the ad to you. In order to do this, Facebook will crawl each of the pages a user likes and engages with, clicks on, apps visited, websites used, and any other information collected from data providers and advertisers.

Some types of Facebook ads include:

  • Desktop & Mobile Ads
  • Domain Ads
  • Page Like
  • Page Post Link
  • Page Post Photo
  • Page Post Text
  • Page Post Video
  • Placements
  • Promoted Post

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Important Facebook Features

In order to understand Facebook marketing, we must first understand what features Facebook has to offer. These features are intended to allow people from around the world to interact with one-another based on similar likes and interests.

Some Facebook features include:

Facebook Events

Facebook created events to allow users to tell other users about upcoming events in their community, or organize social gatherings. Events require the following information:

  • Event Name
  • Network
  • Host Name
  • Event Type
  • Starting Location
  • Start Time
  • Guest List

Events can easily be made public or private, as some events may be by invitation only. Thus, anyone not invited to a certain event may not be able to view that event. When setting up your event, a user can also select if they would like friends to upload videos and photos to its wall.

Facebook Like

The “Like Button” allows users to provide positive feedback to friends and pages across the Facebook network. Users can like a status when it is updated including comments, photos, videos, links and more. As of 2010, users could implement the Like button into their website to allow Facebook users everyone to easily interact with their brand.

Facebook News Feed

The Facebook News Feed displays up to date conversations taking place among a user’s Facebook wall. Some information displayed on a News Feed may include:

  • Conversations
  • Events
  • Likes
  • Relationship Status
  • Wall Posts

Of course, Facebook also has many features that protect a user’s privacy, so if they choose not to display this information, they don’t have to.

Facebook Platform

The Facebook Platform allows third-party developers to integrate with the open graph by providing a set of tools and APIs. The following is based on Facebook Platform Statistics as of May 2010:

  • Over 1 million developers and entrepreneurs from over 180 countries
  • Over 100 million Facebook users engage with Facebook from on external website each month
  • Over 250,000 websites have integrated with the Facebook Platform
  • Over 550,000 active applications running on the Facebook Platform
  • Over 70 percent of Facebook users engage with applications each month

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