August 6, 2016

LinkedIn Ad Management Agency

LinkedIn has nearly 310 million members across the world, while 40 million are in the United States, according to LinkedIn. With its advertising platform, it allows for specific targeting, complete control over who your ads will be displayed to, and the ability to connect with business owners across the United States, and the entire world.

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Who Can I Target On LinkedIn?

Since LinkedIn is a professional network, it is an excellent source for business to business products and services to be sold.  Furthermore, it allows for us to drill down and target specific demographics. Some audiences we can target on LinkedIn include:

  • Age
  • Company Size
  • Groups
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Job Title
  • Seniority

How Does LinkedIn Regulate Spending?

LinkedIn regulates spending similar to that of Google AdWords, as it is a Pay Per Click, or Pay Per Impressions based system. This system allows us to stop and start ads at any time, has no commitments, and no contracts, making it a great option for business owners with a large or small budget.

Who Can I Reach On LinkedIn?

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn has over 310 million members from around the world, and 40 million in the United States alone. Here are some more statistics on the types of people you can reach by using LinkedIn advertising:

  • 9 Million Business Decision Makers
  • 5 Million High Tech Managers
  • 3 Million Small Business Owners
  • 2 Million Corporate Executives

In addition, we can target millions more business professionals, from a variety of different industries.

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